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Information for students

You’re currently studying a STEM subject at a Rhineland-Palatine college? You enjoy hands-on work like implementing and carrying out workshops and working with high school students

Then you might enjoy being a mentor in the ALP. Here you can find a little FAQ.

What do mentors in the Ada-Lovelace-Projekt do?

Your main task is to offer workshops and after school activities that thematically fit into the STEM field, at best to your field of study as well. This also means giving impulses and new perspectives for already implemented workshops or develop ideas for new workshops.

As a mentor you should first and foremost be a role model for the young girls and encourage them to pursue a STEM career. You can do this by talking about your own experiences, telling them what makes your university course special, why you’ve chosen it and which career plans you are pursuing. Through your stories as well as active insights into your day to day life as a college student you give the girls a first glance at everyday life in university and show them which competences they’ll need.

In general, you’re supporting the mentees (female students from the 5th grade up) in their scholastic and career orientation phase and show them perspectives to enlargen their spectrum of job choices, especially in the STEM field.


What are the benefits for the mentors?

Of course your work as a mentor should first and foremost be fun for you and strengthen your self-confidence and capabilities. You’re expanding many work-relevant qualities, especially your coaching and leading competences. As a mentor you’re working rather independently and are responsible for the smooth flow of your workshops and efficient time management. By meeting and talking to other mentors and young girls who are at the beginning of their careers you can build a network that you can profit from later in life.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of the many trainings the Ada-Lovelace-Projekt offers for its mentors, for example on the topics of rhetoric, presentation, methods and didactics.


Are mentors compensated? How much time is required? 

Yes, your work as a mentor is paid. How many hours per week you work and how you split this time on your tasks is arranged independently with the project lead at your location.


How can I apply to become a mentor?

If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can get in touch with the project lead at your university! She’ll gladly answer your questions. You can find all contact information here. For more general questions you can contact the Central Coordination Office in Koblenz

Welcome to the website of the Ada-Lovelace-Project, mentoring project for girls and young women in STEMT. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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