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Information for businesses

Your business has made it a goal to increase the percentage of female employees in the STEM field? The Ada-Lovelace-Projekt works as a link between business, universities, schools and students to support businesses with future-oriented recruitment of motivated young women with potential.

Your commitment is worth it:

More and more girls and young women are discovering the scientific-technical field for themselves – they are motivated and full of potential. Businesses that consciously integrate these young women into their target audience brighten their area of competence and practice targeted recruitment. The innovation potential of mixed teams is no secret! Promoting and implementing diversity management is what connects the competitiveness of businesses with their social responsibility and equal opportunity.

As a cooperating business you profit from the PR work of the ALP and become visible as an attractive employer in the region. We are active on social media platforms Facebook and Twitter  and share events, trivia and information with our network of students, teachers, STEM organisations and partner businesses.

Apart from that we are in constant contact with our diverse project partners, among them colleges, associations, various STEM and mentoring networks and businesses. All involved profit from an active information exchange and mutual advertising of events and initiatives.


What does a cooperation between a business and the ALP look like?  

Generally speaking we are open for your ideas and would like to sit down together to collaborate. The following concepts are already implemented and have proven beneficial for both mentors and mentees as well as businesses.

Businesses release their female trainees from work to work as mentors

Mentors organize and lead practical and interactive workshops that should interest mentees (female students from the 5th grade up) in a career in the STEM field. They act as role models for the younger girls, talk about their own experiences and give them an extensive insight into their day to day life as a trainee. Mentors represent your business and promote you as an attractive employer for young women.

The ALP offers accompanying trainings for the mentors to prepare them for their work, e.g. communication, moderation or time management courses. These training and the mentor work itself helps your trainees acquire and develop important soft skills that they as well as you as their employer will benefit from in the future.

Your involvement in the mentor work comprises in giving your trainees – if necessary – a day off for events on individually agreed upon dates.


Businesses open the doors for the employees of the future

It is important to us to connect young women who are interested in a future in STEM directly with businesses in the field and enable them to meet possible employers.

In Koblenz this is happening in the course of a – mostly one day – trial traineeships. Every business can decide for themselves if they want to do this through workshops, information events, guided tours or practical exercises. Our role is to put you in contact with interested students and support them via accompanying orientation events.

In Mainz we work with schools in the course of their gender-sensitive career orientation. Students can get to know businesses and trainee jobs through after-school workshop days or holiday workshops.

These programs should serve to show the potential future employees concrete perspectives and requirement profiles as well as reduce possible prejudices by giving them direct insights into corporate structures and workflow.


Businesses support the ALP financially

The ALP is financed by the Ministerium für Familie, Frauen, Jugend, Integration und Verbraucherschutz and the Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Kultur as well as the European Social Fund. As we always strive to improve the support for girls and women in STEM we are grateful for every additional financial support.

The Ada-Lovelace-Projekt Förderverein e.V. gladly receives donations. You are invited to become a member. These memberships are not only offered for individuals but businesses as well. You can find more information here. Alternatively you can give a one time donation, for example through our Online-Spendenformular.

Through donations and memberships the Förderverein is able to support women in STEM through direct action. The annual fee of a single person membership can enable a student from a low-income family to participate in a Science Camp.


What is the duration of a cooperation?

The duration of a cooperation is individually agreed upon. Generally we are interested in building long lasting cooperations but are always happy to work together for single events.


How is the cooperation agreed upon?

There isn’t a standardised application process. Possible cooperation formats can be developed in a personal talk with a project lead. These are  

General inquires can be sent to the Central Coordination Office in Koblenz.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the website of the Ada-Lovelace-Project, mentoring project for girls and young women in STEMT. We hope you enjoy your stay.
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